Jong Yugyong
1991 Born in kobe, JAPAN
Zainichi Korean (Korean with the status of special permanent residents of Japan)
Live and work in Fukuoka, Japan


Solo Exhibitions

2013 主観的輪郭, CHODEMI, Tokyo (JP)


Group Exhibitions

2020 LOOKING FOR ANOTHER FAMILY 2020 Asia Project, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) Seoul(KR)

2019 Welcome to the Parade, OTA fine arts, Tokyo(JP)

2019 VOCA展2019 現代美術の展望─新しい平面の作家たち, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo(JP)

2018 Geopolitical Grounds, OTA fine arts,Singapore(SG)

2017 Project Hope?, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul(KR)

2017    Assistants, OTA fine arts, Tokyo(JP)

2016 Zainichi, the present and the art Ⅱ, eitoeiko, Tokyo(JP)

2014 #OVERLAP, Shin sapporo gallery, Sapporo(JP)

2014 Zainichi, the present and the art, eitoeiko, Tokyo(JP)

2013 「在日」は必要だった。, CHODEMI, Tokyo(JP)

2013 この場所にいるということ, FAL, Musashino Art University, Tokyo (JP)

2011 Where are you from?, Gallery TAPIO, Sapporo(JP)

2010 NEW VILLAGE -neonate- , 0000 Gallery, Kyoto(JP)

2010 NEW VILLAGE, 0000 Gallery, Kyoto(JP)